Build your own cheap counter pressure bottle filler

Here is something you can build for hardly any cost which actually works much better than the usual three way valve T shaped one, for screw top bottles.

What you need:

  • A bottle lid
  • Some wood
  • Some keg line
  • Glue gun
  • 8mm Drill
  • Beer disconnect
  • Either a shut off valve or optionally a gas disconnect if you don’t have one.

Cut up the lid seal like so – some lids don’t need a seal, so you can skip this step:IMG_0379

This saves it from getting shredded when you drill holes in the lid like this


Put the seal back in the lid. Cut your keg line into 2 1.5m lengths and slide them into the lid.
Make one tube longer so it protrudes out the bottom of the lid – this way it can reach the bottom of a bottle when it is attached. The other tube only has to go in about 10mm.


Cut up your wood to make a frame with enough space to fit a 2L coke bottle.


Drill a couple of 8mm holes to match the ones in the lid.


Slide the tubes into the wood like so


Next, get the glue gun and fill in the space between the lid and the wood – take care to get some between the tubes too. Then mush it all together while it is still hot. Add some extra around the sides for strength. I put some extra on the top along with a cable tie to keep the tubes together.



Assemble the frame like so


That’s pretty much it. Jam a beer disconnect on the longer tube, and put your valve or gas disconnect on the other one.


How it is gonna work? Well the secret it that the lid itself is the relief valve. So this is how you fill bottles:

Attach the bottle.
Either open the gas valve to fill the bottle with CO2, or use a gas disconnect to steal gas from the keg. Put the gas supply back on the keg afterwards if you do it this way.
Turn off the gas
Plug the beer disconnect onto the keg – little or no beer will flow into the bottle yet.
Carefully unscrew the bottle from the lid – gas starts to leak out slowly and beer fills the bottle gently. There is actually a lot of adjustment range here, it works very well.
When the bottle is filled, remove the beer disconnect.
Unscrew the bottle and put the regular lid on. You’re done!
Check out the fill:


I could have squeezed some more in there, it doesn’t foam up at all when filling.

The best part is this filler is hands-free while you’re filling, and doesn’t tip over all the time. Sanitation is easy with a spare keg filled with starsan or whatever. It is easy to set up and put away. I will be using it as my go-to filler now.

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